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Akshaya Tritiya Akshaya Tritiya is celebrated on Monday, 13th May 2013.

When is Akshaya Tritiya 2013?

The third day of the waxing phase of the moon in the month of Vaishaka or Vaishaka Sukla Paksha Tritiya is celebrated as Akshaya Tritiya. Akshaya Tritiya is celebrated on Monday, 13th May 2013.

What is Akshaya Tritiya?

Akshaya tritiya is one of the Jain and Hindu holy day and also known as Akha Teej and this an auspicious
day of the third Tithi of Sukula Paksha of the pan Indian month of Vaisakha. This celebration will fall in
between late April and early may.

Some important high light which happened on this Akshaya Tritiya day are Lord Vishnu’s the sixth
incarnation Lord Parasurama born on this auspicious day. Mahabharata was started to write on this day
by Lord Ganesha son of lord Shiva.

Lord Kubera prayed to lord Shiva at Shivapuram to get the wealth back, on this auspicious day Lord
Kubera got his wealth back, along with Goddess Lakshmi.

In Sanskrit the word “Akshaya” means the never diminishing. The main concept of this day is what ever
venture is starting in this will grow further.

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What People Belives on Akshaya Tritiya?

Akshaya Tritiya is believed to bring good luck and success. Most people purchase Gold on this day as it is believed that buying Gold on Akshaya Tritiya brings prosperity and more wealth in coming future. Being Akshaya day it is believed that Gold, bought on this day, will never diminish and would continue to grow or appreciate.


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