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KFJ Gold Rush scheme

KFJ Gold Rush scheme

KFJ gold scheme

Gold Rush scheme is the one of the most successfully running gold saving scheme by KFJ (Kerala Fashion Jewellers) from last year and it’s welcomed by most of the people in Chennai which seems to be a massive success. It is possible to buy gold at the lowest price during the entire scheme period, whichmade this successful gold saving scheme unique and varied from other saving plans.

KFJ Gold Rush Scheme is a gold installment scheme, which anyone can be enrolled in all KFJ (Kerala
Fashion Jewellers) branches across Chennai at Mylapore, Purasaiwalkam and Anna Nagar.

KFJ (Kerala Fashion Jewellers) is one of the relatively reputed brands when it comes to gold jewels in
Chennai, it is established in 1973."

Scheme Benefits

Subscriber can buy 22ct (916KDM) ornament or gold coin at absolute 0 % wastage and 0 % making
charge on maturity amount.

Scheme period will be for 30 days.

Minimum enrolling amount is 1000Rs.

If any subscriber wants to continue the scheme by paying they can do until they would like to purchase
for their special occasion.

Scheme Prize Details

1ST Prize 50 sovereign 1 Sovereign for 30 Winners 1 Sovereign for 15 Winners
2nd Prize 20 sovereign    
3rd Prize 10 sovereign    

Scheme installment details

Rs. 1000 Rs. 30,000
Rs. 2000 Rs. 60,000
Rs. 3000 Rs. 90,000
Rs. 4000 Rs. 1,20,000
Rs. 5000 Rs. 1,50,000

For more details www.kfjgold.in

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