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Prince Jewellery Gold Savings Scheme - Swarna vaibhav

Prince Jewellery Gold Savings Scheme - Swarna vaibhav

Swarna vaibhav

Swarna vaibhav is one of the intelligent gold saving schemes from Princes Jewellery; this scheme makes you to invest in gold in the smartest potential way. You can directly buy grams of gold every month and
it’s added to your account as monthly installment instead of buying them at the end of maturity amount.

Payment options

The minimum eligible amount to open an account in this scheme is Rs.1000 or in multiple of Rs.1000 and
the scheme tenure is 15 months.

Payment can be done by cash, DD, MO, ECS, Cheques payable at Chennai or through online. Investment
is according to the gold price in Chennai regardless of the place of account maintained.

Debit or credit cards can also used for payment, bank charges collected if any. Installment should be paid
on or before 10th of the respective month.

Scheme design:

Every month you can buy grams of gold from your monthly installment amount and it will be added to
your account. Instead of adding the amount and buying gold of the end of maturity amount, it’s possible
to buy gold directly and add in your account

Gold weight accumulated 50 gms 50 gms 50 gms 50 gms
accumulated Plain old Jewellery selected 50 gms 70 gms 70 gms 70 gms
Difference in weight Nil 20 gms 20 gms 20 gms
Actual Jewellery wastage (VA) 18% 18% 12% 22%
Customers Eligibility 18% 18% 18% 18%
Difference in Wastage (VA) to be paid by customer Nil 18% on 20 gms 12% on 20 gms 4% on 50gms + 22% on 20gms
Making Charges Nil Nil Nil Nil
VAT* (up to weight accumulated) Nil Nil Nil Nil


The main advantage of the scheme, you can purchase gold has no wastage up to 18% only for plain gold
Jewellery and No Making charges.

The minimum eligible amount to open an account in this scheme is Rs.1000/- or in multiples of
Rs.1000 the tenure is 15 month.

For more details www.princejewellery.com

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