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Many experts say that gold is a sure investment; its value remains strong, and money / paper currencies depreciate against it. This is why the gold price is a very important factor for investors especially during recession, when all other investments seem to fail.

Never lose on your investment Buying precious metals has long been proven one of the best ways to preserve purchasing power and value over long periods of time. Gold has been valued since the beginning of formal trade, such as during the reign of the Romans. Back then, one ounce of gold can buy a man a full outfit complete with sandals; today, that same ounce of gold can still buy a man a suit, shirt, and good shoes. Today, it still takes roughly the same amount of gold to purchase a barrel of oil as it tool some 50 years ago.

Morning Evening
Date 22c(1gm) 24c(1gm) 22c(1gm) 24c(1gm)
Rs. 3190.00
Rs. 3412.00
Rs. 3167.00
Rs. 3387.00
Rs. 3173.00
Rs. 3394.00
Rs. 3141.00
Rs. 3359.00
Rs. 3145.00
Rs. 3364.00
Rs. 3135.00
Rs. 3353.00
Rs. 3141.00
Rs. 3359.00
Rs. 3148.00
Rs. 3367.00
Rs. 3145.00
Rs. 3364.00
Rs. 3173.00
Rs. 3394.00
Rs. 3173.00
Rs. 3394.00
Rs. 3160.00
Rs. 3380.00
Rs. 3150.00
Rs. 3369.00
Rs. 3158.00
Rs. 3378.00
Rs. 3156.00
Rs. 3375.00
Rs. 3176.00
Rs. 3397.00
Rs. 3182.00
Rs. 3403.00
Rs. 3187.00
Rs. 3409.00
Rs. 3181.00
Rs. 3402.00
Rs. 3181.00
Rs. 3402.00
Rs. 3181.00
Rs. 3402.00
Rs. 3194.00
Rs. 3416.00
Rs. 3168.00
Rs. 3388.00
Rs. 3186.00
Rs. 3407.00
Rs. 3163.00
Rs. 3383.00
Rs. 3173.00
Rs. 3394.00
Rs. 3161.00
Rs. 3381.00
Rs. 3134.00
Rs. 3352.00
Rs. 3129.00
Rs. 3347.00
Rs. 3127.00
Rs. 3344.00
Rs. 3121.00
Rs. 3338.00
Rs. 3088.00
Rs. 3303.00
Rs. 3092.00
Rs. 3307.00
Rs. 3093.00
Rs. 3308.00
Rs. 3097.00
Rs. 3312.00
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Historically, gold has always been more stable than modern paper currency (fiat currencies). Just look at how the value of the US dollar has eroded over time versus gold price. Governments and central banks of even the richest countries have set a long-standing currency debasement trend, unlikely to see reversal anytime soon. Unlike money, gold and other precious metals cannot be created out of thin air. Gold is a globally recognized currency and an excellent preserver of value and purchasing power for long-term stability.

Gold price continues to deliver good returns, unlike money or currencies that are very quickly debased. Indeed, when you look at the bigger picture, gold is the “ultimate form” of money. It is now easy to buy gold online at competitive prices. You don’t need to have millions of dollars to join big shot investors in taking advantage of the unwavering value of precious metals. Many websites now allow you to conveniently buy and store gold and other precious metals. Just sign up, wait for a short verification process, and start buying to preserve your long term purchasing power.

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